U.G / P.G COURSE FEE PER YEAR 2015-16 1st Installment
On Admission
2nd Installment
On 1st October
B.A.*  1st Year Rs.6000/- Rs.5000/- Rs.11000/-
B.A.2nd Year Rs.6000/- Rs.4000/- Rs.10000/-
B.A.3rd Year Rs.5000/- Rs.3000/- Rs.8500/-
B.Sc. 1st Year Rs.10000/- Rs.6000/- Rs.16000/-
B.Sc. 2nd Year Rs.10000/- Rs.5000/- Rs.15000/-
B.Sc. 3rd Year Rs.7000/- Rs.5000/- Rs.12000/-
B.Com. * 1st Year Rs.6000/- Rs.4000/- Rs.10000/-
B.Com. *2nd  Year Rs.5000/- Rs.4500/- Rs.9500/-
B.Com. * 3rd Year Rs.5000/- Rs.3000/- Rs.8000/-
BCA Rs.6000/- Rs.5000/- Rs.11000/-
M.Sc. (Comp. Sc.) Rs.12000/- Rs.8000/- Rs.20000/-
M.Sc. (Physics) Rs.12000/- Rs.10000/- Rs.22000/-
M.Sc.(Chemistry) Rs.12000/- Rs.8000/- Rs.20000/-
M.A. (Geography) Rs.7000/- Rs. 5000/- Rs. 12000/-
M.Com. (ABST) Rs.5000/- Rs.3000/-
*B.A. & B.Sc. Per Practical Subject Lab Charges Rs.500/-
*B.A., B.Sc. & B.Com Computer Elementary Fee Rs.500/-
*B.A. & B.Com (Computer Application) Rs.1500/-
*B.Sc. (with Biotechnology) Rs.2500/-
Prospectus & Admission Form Charges Rs.100/-
Transfer Certificate Rs.250/-
Character Certificate Rs.100/-
Faculty Change Fee up to 15 August Rs.500/-
Subject Change Fee up to 15 August Rs.100/-
Internal Exam Absent Fine (per subject) Rs.100/-
University Examination Fee As per university rules & regulation.
Enrollment & Eligibility As per university rules & regulation.
Sports Fee College Rs.100/-               
Insurance* (as per State Govt subject to increase) Rs.50/-
Student Fund Rs.100/-
Student Union Fund Rs.100/-
Alumni Club Fee (per year) Rs.50/-
Library Security (B.A.) Rs.1000/-
Library Security (B.Com.) Rs.1500/-
Library Security (B.Sc.) Rs.2000/-
Library Security (BCA & M.Sc. Comp. Sc.) Rs.2000/-
Library Security (two books for 7 days)
(M.Com, M.Sc. Chemistry & Physics.)
Library Security  (two books for 7 days)
(MA Geography, Pub. Adm. & Political Sc.)
Library Security (Others)
(For Reference & Other Books one book for 6 days)

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